Linda Shaw CBP
Linda Shaw BodyTalk / 0220 546 320
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After business, self-employment and community development careers, BodyTalk has been an amazing “right turn” for me.  It’s a wonderful personal development journey as well as providing exciting opportunities to learn.  I love the opportunity to facilitate healing and wellbeing with my clients – human or animal.

I have accepted the President role for 2016/17 because I want to increase the profile of BodyTalk within New Zealand.  BodyTalk is an amazing energy modality and a well-kept secret from many people. The support and active involvement in my journey by the BodyTalk matrix/community is something I value highly and I wish to give back to others.

This year my aim is to involve NZBA members in a variety of projects for members’ development or for public education.   The reputation and profile of BodyTalk rests with all of us so success of one means success for all.

Janine Stokes CBP, PaRama BP
Janine Stokes BodyTalk / 0276103980

After some years of being a busy mum – I began thinking about entering back into the work force.  I decided I wanted to retrain, and  do something that really reasonated with me, that I was very passionate about, and that could contribute in making a change in the world somehow – that turned out to be BodyTalk.

This modality has changed and enriched my life in so many ways, and continues to do so every single day.   Since becoming a Certified Practitioner in early 2014 – I now get to enjoy passing this experience onto other people, and facilitating change for them in their life journeys.

It is a real privilege to be part of such an amazing group of people, and the BodyTalk matrix.   I have taken on the role of Treasurer for this year to support and give back to our wonderful BodyTalk community here in New Zealand.

Rod Lawrence / 027 302 1617

I was introduced to BodyTalk by my wife and found that my overall health and wellbeing improved as a result of the sessions.  Intrigued how something so simple could have such a profound impact, I decided to take the introductory BodyTalk Access course to find out more.

I discovered a natural affinity with the principles and approach of BodyTalk and decided this is an ideal way for me to connect with both humans and animals and support them to achieve their own natural balance of mind, body and spirit.  After becoming a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner in 2014, I have been able to grow and enhance my knowledge to facilitate healing and wellbeing in both myself and clients. Along my journey I have been  able to integrate MindScape into my sessions, this adds a whole dimension to sessions with my clients, both in person and via skype sessions.  I was also recently given the honour of treating the founder of the system, John Velthiem himself, who later reported an overall improvement, not an everyday occurrence!

I have accepted the Secretary role for 2016/17 because it offers me the chance to be involved with a vibrant organisation that seeks to promote the great work that BodyTalk provides within New Zealand. BodyTalk is an amazing energy modality that I feel should be the optimum choice for everyone looking to improve their health.  This year my aim is to enhance and bring to the knowledge of the general public the good work that the NZBA members provides in complimentary healthcare.

Committee Member Web/Tech
Emma Grieve
Dandelionz BodyTalk / 021 444 755

I’ve lived a varied life that has always revolved around healing, facilitating and learning;  now I’m a full time New Entrant teacher with a hubby and 3.5 year old!  Where does BT fit in? Everywhere! I run a small clinic from home and just love the life BodyTalk has given me.

I came into BodyTalk after looking for a change of scene in 2012, and I  have been training in BodyTalk ever since!  I have a passion for a modality that has changed my life and the lives of those I love, on every level!

This will be my third term on the committee and for me one of consolidation – ensuring sustainability of our website and newsletters- of ensuring that we are constantly in touch with the members and with those who are asking about BodyTalk, finding out the needs and knowing how to support you all, students and CBPs alike.  For me my committee duties are a way to give back to and thank  a community who have supported me so much over the last few years.

Committee member – Practitioner Liaison
Hilary Carlile, Advanced CBP / 021 963517
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I discovered that BodyTalk did produce results in 2005.  I witnessed the disappearance of my husband’s chronic long term back pain! This started me on my adventure to become a healer. I established my successful holistic health & well-being practice in 2006, bringing to it my business experience and knowledge of the health sector. My focus is connecting people to their soul journey so they can achieve what they need to achieve in this lifetime.

My background is a major contributor to my body of knowledge and professionalism. I have worked in the healthcare and information technology sectors in New Zealand, as a professional project manager, change manager, coach and mentor. I have worked in breast screening, oral health, mental health & addiction, aged care, palliative care and health IT.

The health field is no stranger to me. I grew up in a health-orientated household in England; my father was a general practitioner doctor and my mother, a New Zealander, a clinical psychologist. As a family, we had many debates over the effectiveness of the healthcare provided under the National Health Service.  I share my family’s passion for Nepal and have led groups to Nepal and India since 1990.

I have taken on the role of Practitioner liaison to provide the support to practitioners that I received as I was developing my skills this was integral is my being a great practitioner. This is the opportunity to support other practitioners.

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Committee Member – Student Liaison
Sonya Hooper

I first heard of BodyTalk in 2014 from a friend who received a session and then experienced almost instant resolution of some dramatic symptoms that conventional medicine had been unable to make any sense of or treat. As someone who had been interested in alternative health modalities for a number or years I was curious to know more so went for a session myself. I was very impressed with the accuracy and scope of the information that came up and have been having regular sessions ever since.

I did my Fundamentals training in August 2015 and after an initial period of feeling overwhelmed by information and unsure of my abilities, I am pleased to say that I am now enjoying my practice and am currently working toward certification.

I feel very drawn to the underlying concepts, ethics and consciousness- based perspectives that BodyTalk is founded on and am excited by the infinite potential of applications and growth of this modality.

As a student, I am aware of the possible issues and challenges faced and look forward to using my personal experience to support others and be a voice for fellow students on the committee.